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OUAT Reaction Gifs

A collection of OUAT reaction gifs.
Most reaction gifs are reblogs or made by me. If you see your gif here posted without credit please let me know!
Requests will be filled as soon as possible. Please include as much information as possible when requesting a reaction gif such as episode, character, etc.
Aug 2 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi, i love your blog so much! Do you think you could make more Regina Mills/ Evil Queen gifs? I hope i'm not bothering you...

Hi there!

You are definitely NOT bothering me at all! I can definitely make some if you have some specific requests but I will also do a little hunting and try to reblog more!

May 16 '14


Feel Free To Use but please credit me
(reblog or follow me)<3

First time doing reaction gifs. Pretty proud!

May 16 '14


Feel Free To Use
Credit Me / Follow me (if you want). Requests Open
May 16 '14

Feel Free To Use

Credit Me / Follow me (if you want). Requests Open

May 16 '14

smilingswan asked:

Hi. I feel weird asking this but I just posted 3 lots of ouat reaction gif sets on my blog /tagged/reaction-gifs can you please take a look? Btw I love your blog <3 :)) Thanks

Of course! I’ll go reblog them now! And thank you! :D

May 14 '14


Hook reaction gifs. Because he is so done and his face is everything. Feel free to use!


And blanks:

May 12 '14

Emma Swan 3x21 Reaction Gifs

May 8 '14



Emma swan gif reactions

Because her face says everything!

May 5 '14


has anyone done this yet or? (inspired by everyone’s comments) source: x

Apr 25 '14

Moment of reflection with roland hood.

(Source: swandaily)